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Christian Drew:

Tunnel Music (7')

harp and audio

Parlour (10')


Eden Lonsdale:

Cycles/Emptiness (25')

cello, harp, harmonium

Falling Asleep on an Airplane (15')

cello, harp, percussion, audio

Immovable Tree (10')

harp and audio

Kieran Timbrell:

Sweelinck (8')

cello, harp, harmonium

Habit and the Red Panel (6')

cello, harp, sustaining keyboard

The Triumphal Arch; the Despairing Column (7')


Still Flowers (20')

cello and sustaining keyboard

Still Butterfly (15')

harp, cello, harmonium, keyboard

Shadowed Arch; Obscured Column (10')

harp and sine-tones

Disappearing Mountain. Reflecting Ocean (28')

piano, open instrumentation and audio

Plains. Elevations (8')

open instrumentation and audio

The Waning Sun - The Wailing Moon (18')

harp, piano, harmonium, keyboard

Narcissus. North Wind. (22')

open instrumentation and audio

Patrick Hegarty:


Piece for Eden and Cara (10')

cello, harp, audio

Another Lament (20')

open instrumentation

Idle Passing (open)

harp, cello and open instrumentation

Willow Hymn (open)

open instrumentation

Down Feather (open)

open instrumentation



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