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selected compositions (click on underlined titles for more info, scores and recordings) 



'New Work' (4') (work in progress)


'New Work' (25') (work in progress)

4 violins

Suiseki’ (12’)


'Constellations' (35')

b fl, b cl, perc, org, 2 vl, vla, vc


'Le Soleil Levant sur le Languedoc' (12') 

flute, horn, theorbo, 2 violins, cello

'Chrysalis' (15') 

2 vl, 2 vla, 2 vc, cb

'Still Life with Violins' (22')

2 violins

'Un Camino Olvidado' (22')


'Still Life with String Quartet' (5')

2 vl, vla, vc

'Deep Plain' (5') 

double bass (also version for cello)

'Luft und Quinten' (25') 

clarinet, accordion, cello


'Tränen und Ozeane' (14')

fl, cl, perc, hpsch, acc, vl, vc

'Anatomy of Joy' (24')

fl, cl, sax, tr, vl, vla, vc, cb

'Ricercar for Rainy Days' (17')

harp, percussion, cello, harmonium

'Kigi No Ibuki' (16') 

fl, ob, cl, sax, bs, 2 vl, vla, vc, cb

'Waning' (6')

fass flute, bass clarinet, double bass

'Dawnings' (23')

clarinet, piano

'Aurora' (8-18') 


'Blurring' (10')

flute, soprano saxophone, cello, piano

'Shedding' (27')

7 violas

'Whirling' (8')

fl, ob, cb cl, bs, tr in c, hn, trb, tba, hrp, pno

'Clear and Hazy Moons' (20')

al fl, b cl, 2 perc, pno, 2 vl, vla, vc

'Billowing' (11')

fl, cl, sax, tr, vl, vla, vc (also: version + db)


'Sterne und Ameisen' (10') 

fl, ob, cl, bs, hn, perc, pno, acc, harm, 2 vl, vla, vc, db 

'Lichtung' (9')

chamber orchestra ( - - Timp. - Strings ( 

'The Roar of the World' (10')

b fl, e gt, perc, keyb, vc (with amplification)

'Oasis' (15')

cl, e gt, perc, keyb./pno, vl, vc

'Thin Clouds' (8')

8 piccolos, bass flute and percussion  

Immovable Tree (10')

harp and tape

'Staring Through Empty Windows' (9')

2 vl, 2 vla, 2 vc, cb, organ  

Phoenician Water (9')

2 voices (m-s, bar) and 2 celli

'Breathing Skies and the Distant Bells of Fulfilment' (6')

five voices (s, m-s, c-t, t, bar., b.) and tape  

'Clear and Stormy Horizons' (5')

vl, vc, pno


'Sitting Alone on Daiyu Peak' (2')

large ensemble (2 fl, cl, sop sax, a sax - hn, tpt, 2 trb, tba, perc, pno, e gt, e bass) and 5 voices (s, m-s, a, t, b)

'Westminster' (4')

orchestra ( - - perc.  - 7-4-4-4-any)  

Hiding Yourself in a Pillar (12')

violin, piano and tape 

'Murky Windows and Cloudy Horizons' (16')

bass clarinet and 4-channel audio 


'Falling Asleep on an Airplane' (15')

lever harp, cello, percussion and tape (or keyboard)

'Cycles/Emptiness' (25')

harp, cello and harmonium


'Cycles/Crossings' (19')

3 harmoniums, melodica, cello and tape 

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